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InfiniteIQ Consulting was founded with a simple goal in mind: to ensure that technology investments serve the business, by increasing customer engagement, raising shareholder value and aligning to company objectives. We do that by helping you tackle seemingly intractable challenges and by partnering with our clients to affect the cultural and complex technical changes necessary to get the business outcomes you need to succeed. We’re helping organizations of all kinds in a variety of industries develop and execute digital strategies that ensure that their business activities, processes, and core competencies can fully leverage the latest digital technologies.


Our philosophy is simple – we partner with you in every way possible to ensure your success. We bring our years of experience combined with our technical know-how to every project we undertake. We dig deep to understand your problem domain, and even deeper to find the exact right solution. We are digital experts with a knack for quickly assessing your specific needs and delivering the value you need.                   


We’ve worked with a wide variety of industries, systems, and technologies – we know how to chart the shortest path to your business and technology goals, and always with the highest quality and your long-term vision in mind. It’s not enough to be good at delivering solutions – you have to be able to deliver the right solution, and InfiniteIQ Consulting has a proven track record of doing just that, on time and within budget.

Our Promise

At InfiniteIQ Consulting, we promise to deliver lasting value to our clients, minimizing risk while maximizing technology investments.  We do this through the application of high quality talent, leading edge technology partners and proven architectural design patterns.  Our goal is to help our clients "Work Smarter".      


Enterprise Monitoring

InfiniteIQ helps you drive value from insights at every layer of your ecosystem

Data Management

Let us help you deliver maximum value from your data

Business Architecture

InfiniteIQ partners with our clients to help them succeed with Digital Transformation.
Find out why companies that want to WORK SMARTER collaborate with InfiniteIQ Consulting to drive value.


InfiniteIQ also provides solutions around a wide array of Open Source technologies

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