Why Work With InfiniteIQ Consulting

InfiniteIQ Consulting was founded with a simple goal in mind: to ensure that technology investments serve the business, by increasing customer engagement, raising shareholder value and aligning to company objectives. We do that by helping you tackle seemingly intractable challenges and by partnering with our clients to affect the cultural and complex technical changes necessary to get the business outcomes you need to succeed. We’re helping organizations of all kinds in a variety of industries develop and execute digital strategies that ensure that their business activities, processes, and core competencies can fully leverage the latest digital technologies.


Our philosophy is simple – we partner with you in every way possible to ensure your success. We bring our years of experience combined with our technical know-how to every project we undertake. We dig deep to understand your problem domain, and even deeper to find the exact right solution. We are digital experts with a knack for quickly assessing your specific needs and delivering the value you need.


We’ve worked with a wide variety of industries, systems, and technologies – we know how to chart the shortest path to your business and technology goals, and always with the highest quality and your long-term vision in mind. It’s not enough to be good at delivering solutions – you have to be able to deliver the right solution, and InfiniteIQ Consulting has a proven track record of doing just that, on time and within budget.

Our Promise

At InfiniteIQ Consulting, we promise to deliver lasting value to our clients, minimizing risk while maximizing technology investments. We do this through the application of high quality talent, leading edge technology partners and proven architectural design patterns. Our goal is to help our clients "Work Smarter".

IIQ DMIQ Services Overview

Data Management IQ (DMIQ) is both a professional data enablement practice as well as a foundational way of thinking at InfiniteIQ. It is not a single service, but our approach to advancing our clients' ability to manage, unify, secure, democratize and activate the data they capture. Our goal is to ensure your data programs make a positive and long lasting impact on your organization.

Many of today's more advanced technology projects and programs (e.g., Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Business Analytics, and Customer 360) are stalled by the readiness of their data management capabilities, processes and data quality. DMIQ is tailormade to identify those bottlenecks and address them head on to ensure our clients are in a position to benefit from these game changing technologies. Fundamentally, DMIQ approaches each engagement by rapidly assessing client readiness from multiple dimensions, leveraging the EDM Council's industry standard benchmark, Data Management Capability Assessment = DCAMTM as its core to align the business strategy to the organization's capability to execute and enable that strategy. We engage with our clients on both very broad projects (e.g., enterprise data strategy modernization, data governance program establishment and master data management (MDM) programs) as well as in a focused project centric manner as listed below.

Data Cataloging and Governance

  • Becoming data driven is a journey, and to do so companies must manage data as they do other strategic and financial assets. We need to have confidence in, account for, secure, and govern it. This requires all three legs of the people, process, and technology triad. We help our clients:
  • Align data strategy to business strategy
  • Align data and business strategy to technology
  • Introduce tooling appropriate to achieving strategic and tactical goals - one size does not fit all
  • Assess, PoC and implement best-fit for culture data catalogs and metadata management
  • Plan, create, implement or enhance data governance initiatives with an agile and achievable approach
  • Establish or assess operational frameworks
  • Establish communications plans including training and the ethical handling of data
  • Establish chain of custody
  • Identify data assets across the enterprise
  • Break down silos and democratize data

Data Quality and Integration

  • Confidence in analytics, the ability to leverage modern technologies such as ML, AI, and CDPs (Customer Data Platforms) are table stakes now. However, many companies make a very costly mistake - they forget that without data hygiene and quality, the money invested in these modern technologies is wasted. Data quality is paramount to a company’s ability to operate, strategize and compete. We help our clients with the following engagements:
  • Initial data quality assessments (profiling, baselining and documentation)
  • Identify critical data and business rules
  • Prioritized improvement and/or integration roadmap
  • Goal setting and metrics establishment
  • Formulate Master and Reference data strategies
  • Establish data lineage and impact management
  • Assess, select, PoC, and implement Master and Reference data platforms
  • Develop and implement data quality and operations for sustained improvement
  • Ensure a state of readiness for actionable analytics and reporting, AI, ML and Customer 360o

Platform and Architecture

  • Most companies do not have the luxury of establishing net new architectures. However, there typically comes a point in a company’s lifecycle where either the existing data platform(s) and architectures become a limiting factor to the ability of the company to compete successfully. We have decades of experience refactoring and improving existing architectures and when necessary, helping our clients vet and establish net new environments. Common services we partner with our clients are:
  • Migration or embracing of cloud services (Private, Public, and Hybrid)
  • Integration architecture and platform planning and implementation (ETL, ELT, ESB, Replication, CEP, Federation, Virtualization, Pub/Sub, and Sync/Async)
  • Database and data technology selection
  • Data security infrastructure

Supporting and Stand-alone Services

Assessments and Audits:
  • Data Capability Assessment Model (DCAM) v2 - Certified consultants
  • Technical Debt
  • Licensing
  • Data Privacy and Regulatory (GDPR, CCPA, CPRA, VCPDA, PIPEDA, PCI, HIPAA)
  • Analytics Readiness
  • Customer Data Platform Readiness
  • Platform Security
  • Cloud Readiness
Technology Services:
  • Big Data / Fast Data review
  • Code and architectural refactoring
  • Project and Program Rescue Services
  • Data Modeling, Design and Enterprise Information Architecture
  • Taxonomy and Classification development
  • Data and Database Operations
Business Services:
  • Data and Business Strategy, Alignment and Road-mapping
  • Change Readiness
  • Business Process Analysis and Optimization

Power up your marketing capabilities with data and InfiniteIQ DigitalIQ solutions

DigitalIQ services are marketing centric solutions built on the foundations of InfiniteIQ DMIQ. With our passion for data and marketing, we maximize the value of that powerful intersection. The bedrock of all DIgitalIQ services starts and ends with world class, professional data capabilities that enable modern digital marketing.

Benefits to working with InfiniteIQ:

  • Data Management & Integration – Integrate, acquire, cleanse zero, first, second and third-party data into a mastered golden record to support your marketing strategy.
  • Privacy & Compliance - Implement comprehensive and simplified capabilities to manage privacy and compliance regulations, minimizing risk and increasing customer trust.
  • Identity Resolution / Golden Record / Single Customer View / Customer 360 – Unify data from internal and external sources that provide a complete view of your customers, forming the foundation for intelligent segmentation and engagement.
  • Real-Time Engagement – Act on real-time data to engage customers where they are, when they need it and in a highly personalized experience
  • Omnichannel Engagement – Engage customers based on their preferences and via any channel where your customers interact.
  • Automation & Orchestration – Transform customer journeys and use cases into highly effective and contextually relevant customer interactions
  • Analytics & AI/ML - Deliver marketing centric analytics that provide actionable insight matched with AI/ML to enable meaningful customer segmentation, next best actions and journey optimization.
  • Seamless integration to IT – Bridge business, technology and marketing to enable our clients to help make them more capable and proficient with both data and marketing technology systems that leverage that data
  • Ensure a scalable, future facing data architecture that is resilient and enables agile growth

We ensure that your marketing strategy aligns with your strategic and tactical requirements by leveraging a use case driven approach. This approach ensures clear focus on the customer centric business requirements that will rapidly increase customer value.

All of our services embed industry best practices, including the Scaled Agile Framework for Marketing. This disciplined method to delivering value with an iterative and agile framework increases value on schedule in a measurable and repeatable fashion while de-risking investments and associated projects.

The value driven outcomes provided by DigitalIQ ensure that your marketing team can leverage all available data with confidence, making it actionable to your activation channels and ensuring a deeper level of engagement to your customers.

IIQ DigitalIQ Services

Data Management & Integration

Data is the foundation of customer engagement through the entire customer journey lifecycle. Delivering the right message via the optimum communication channel starts with a unified golden record. DigitalIQ provides the technologies, processes and practices that are aligned to your strategy and budget. Our deep expertise in full data lifecycle management ensures that high quality, actionable data is activated to deliver value to your customers.

CDP Readiness & Delivery

We ensure that the integration of a CDP is built on a foundation for success and fast time to value.

Customer Data Platforms provide a unified solution that enable companies to:

  • Unify data to create a single view of the customer
  • Analyze and segment customers to enable contextual engagement
  • Orchestrate and interact with customers via omnichannel touchpoints
  • Speed time to value while reducing dependencies on IT and complex technologies.
  • Enables you to align your people, processes and technology to deliver exceptional customer experiences across omnichannel touchpoints

The DigitalIQ CDP Readiness Assessment ensures that you are making an informed purchasing decision predicated on full alignment of your use cases and desired outcomes.

Build vs Buy

We've done both and have for decades. There are tradeoffs with both approaches so let’s talk before you make a commitment and we can share our lessons learned and best practices to ensure you can be confident in your decision. Additionally, we offer services that lead or assist in:

  • Technology and Partner ecosystem
  • RFP/RFI Process
  • Vendor Negotiation
  • Vendor Management
  • Agile Project and Program Management (Based on SAFe 5)
  • Culture
  • Talent – Skills
  • Marketing technology stack alignment
  • Use Case / Customer Journey
  • Custom built DigitalIQ tools deliver complete alignment to your CDP requirements, minimizing risk and ensuring fast time to value from your CDP investment
  • Deliver more marketing value, struggle with tools and technology less
  • Pre-built Connectors
  • Data Quality
  • Merging and Matching
  • Identity resolution
  • Persistent Key Management
  • Real-Time Data Layer
  • Automation and Workflows
  • Operational Controls
  • Master Data Management
  • Data Enrichment
  • ETL / ETL / Reverse ETL

Digital Analytics

Leveraging the IIQ DMIQ practices and tools, we deliver actionable insight to drive more value through your marketing programs.

Through the deployment of Descriptive, Predictive & Prescriptive Marketing Analytics, we empower marketers to unlock value from all available data assets, enabling data driven decision capabilities that powers growth.

InfiniteIQ architects and builds analytics capabilities to optimize your marketing outcomes

  • Optimize decision-making
  • AI/ML to predict customer behavior
  • Make data actionable
  • Optimize the customer journey and engagement
  • Measure performance

Marketing Technology Stack Assessment, Inventory and Asset Management

InfiniteIQ helps reduce cost and ensure maximum value is created through your martech stack. We do this by providing solutions that manage your technology, track, optimize, and report on your technology infrastructure, expense and strategy.

Centralized oversight and management of the marketing technology stack is essential for managing technology spend, data compliance, security risk, and to assess technology performance against business objectives.

  • Visualize your acquired and internally built marketing technology stack helping to create a single source of the truth and show platform dependencies
  • Capture all the information about the contracts you've signed and the vendors you work with.
  • Align your technology proficiency with your technology strategy by tracking skills across your organization
  • Discover new technology and manage your technology evaluation process to make informed procurement decisions

Marketing & Business Strategy Alignment Services:

Digital transformation is fully dependent on the alignment of strategy, process, organization and technology. InfiniteIQ helps our clients align these critical elements within their marketing organization to ensure a customer-centric, digitally mature operating environment.

  • Marketing Data and Business Strategy, Alignment and Road-mapping
  • Change Readiness
  • Business Process Analysis and Optimization




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