infiniteiq services

strategic and tactical

We provide both breadth and depth in the core services required during the entire life cycle of digital transformation - from ideation to implementation.

our core services

InfiniteIQ Consulting provides a range of services designed to provide the
end-to-end solutions that enable digital transformation.

digital transformation

InfiniteIQ Consulting helps companies formulate their digital transformation strategy in order to improve customer engagement, deal with competitors, speed innovation, and increase value. In addition, we help companies tactically execute on their vision through our relentless focus on successful delivery.

management consulting

The principles at InfiniteIQ have executive-level experience in some of the largest, most complex corporate environments around. That makes us uniquely qualified to work with your Executive Management Team to solve real world issues, with best-of-breed solutions. We’re the bridge you’ve been looking for between your C-Suite and technology teams. We speak their language, and that means we can help you avoid having your strategic directives get lost in translation.

program and project management

Besides delivering the best-in-class technical expertise to deliver your solutions, we have the resources to manage projects of any size and complexity. We never take a “one-size-fits” all approach to project management – we know that every organization is different, and that an expert knowledge of project management is important, but that the ability to see the big picture and execute accordingly is even more important.

big & fast data

InfiniteIQ’s team has spent decades working with complex data-centric technologies in the most demanding enterprise environments. Our consultants architect streamlined solutions leveraging best of breed real time and big data technologies. InfiniteIQ is the architect for your data whether you need a complex end-to-end data flow or assistance with a tactical project.

cloud solutions

InfiniteIQ helps companies leverage the power of cloud technologies on leading cloud platforms such as Amazon / AWS, IBM SoftLayer, and Microsoft Azure. While cloud technologies provide a wide array of solutions for companies, they also introduce an equal number of challenges for companies learning to leverage the benefits. Let InfiniteIQ be your partner in bringing the cloud to your enterprise.

enterprise data management

Modern businesses must harness all of their data – to do so successfully requires bullet-proof strategies around master data management, data flow, consolidation, presentation, and infrastructure scalability and reliability. InfiniteIQ’s resources have been at the forefront of heavy data-centric enterprise design and implementation for decades and can help you architect, develop, and implement your data vision.


InfiniteIQ resources can help your company turn data into actionable information. Whether you are looking to gain insights into IT operational issues or convert data to revenue, we have the resources to assist. Leveraging purpose built data management platforms and visualization tools, InfiniteIQ can help you to monetize your data assets.

application performance

Modern application architectures, new technologies, and a rapid rate of change have created a perfect storm of complexity in today’s applications. As a result, performance problems surface that are often difficult to identify, diagnose, and fix. InfiniteIQ can provide a unique ecosystem of resources and partnerships, plus all the tools to address your application performance challenges.

application development

InfiniteIQ consultants come from deep software development and systems engineering roots. Whether the application space is low latency transaction processing, greenfield systems development, or common business solutions, the ability to adapt and customize is in our DNA. Because our consultants come from a wide variety of backgrounds, including hard core engineering, executive IT management, business development and academia, we thrive in fusing business strategy with enterprise solutions.

Let Us guide you through your digital transformation