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iiq_change_agentFounded With A Simple Goal

InfiniteIQ Consulting was founded with a simple goal in mind: to ensure that technology investments serve the business, by increasing customer engagement, raising shareholder value and aligning to company objectives.¬†We do that by helping you tackle seemingly intractable challenges and by partnering with our clients to affect the cultural and complex technical changes necessary to get the business outcomes you need to succeed. We’re helping organizations¬†of all kinds in a variety of industries develop and execute digital transformation strategies that ensure that their business activities, processes, and core competencies can fully leverage the latest digital technologies.

Founded by IT executives, we know first hand the challenges modern businesses face, as well as the limits imposed by standard consulting firms. We excel at helping executives bridge the gap between their urgent business goals and the complex technology needed to reach them.

the infiniteiq executive team

Matt Watson

Matt Watson of Infinite IQ Consulting
I've been creating business value through delivery of enterprise technology solutions for more than 25 years in the travel, insurance, medical and pre-paid transaction processing industries. As both a consultant and an IT leader in large-scale environments, I know how to effectively bridge the gap between business strategy and technology. As VP and CTO for multiple high-growth and high-volume enterprise transaction processing companies, I managed the teams and expansive technology environments responsible for processing billions of transactions annually. I have been fortunate to work with visionary executives, who embodied the digital transformation spirit, driving me to find new ways to deliver value from IT investments. My goal for your company is simple: to help you successfully and effectively navigate the evolving Digital Transformation landscape while driving business value from the investment.

Joe Marino

Joe Marino of Infinite IQ Consulting
For 17 years, I've been helping clients drive value from their information systems. I've focused primarily on the leading edge of data systems and system scalability, and I have a wide variety of experience in an array of database transaction systems and business intelligence environments. I've also got the kind of deep IT Management experience within the operations systems and software architecture domains that has given me a broad perspective on what it takes to deliver leading edge enterprise solutions. From a technical standpoint, I've led teams that have scaled and managed highly available (24/7/365) transaction processing systems responsible for $13 billion in revenue. I thoroughly enjoy sitting at the intersection of technology, business, and management - effectively communicating complex solutions to the entire spectrum of business and technology resources is what I do best.

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