22 Aug 2016

Aligning the Organization for Its Digital Future

One of the most challenging aspects of Digital Transformation has to do with how to align an existing company’s culture and organization to be ready to seize on the opportunities that digital transformation offers. Below is an excerpt from MIT Sloan Management Review that touches on this very subject. We highly recommend that you visit the site at the link below if you are serious about being a change agent in your company’s digital future.

Biggest Barrier to DX

Many companies are responding to an increasingly digital market environment by adding roles with a digital focus or changing traditional roles to have a digital orientation. The list of “digital” business roles and functions is extensive and growing. There are now digital strategists, chief digital officers, digital engagement managers, digital finance managers, digital marketing managers, and digital supply chain managers, among other positions.

Despite the proliferation of digital roles and responsibilities, most executives recognize that their companies are not adequately preparing for the industry disruptions they expect to emerge from digital trends. Nearly 90% of respondents to a 2015 global survey of managers and executives conducted by MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte anticipate that their industries will be disrupted by digital trends to a great or moderate extent, but only 44% say their organizations are adequately preparing for the disruptions to come.

Preparing for a digital future is no easy task. It means developing digital capabilities in which a company’s activities, people, culture, and structure are in sync and aligned toward a set of organizational goals. Most companies, however, are constrained by a lack of resources, a lack of talent, and the pull of other priorities, leaving executives to manage digital initiatives that either take the form of projects or are limited to activities within a given division, function, or channel.

For more on this outstanding article, please visit MIT Sloan Review’s website at: http://sloanreview.mit.edu/digital2016